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Bottlebrush Japanese Yew Pine
Callistemon spp.
Bottlebrush trees make for a fantastic year-round colorful hedge, and is named for the brush-shaped flowers that are peppered throughout the foliage. The canopies grow thick and green allowing for maximum shade and privacy.
Pica glauca
Japanese Yew Pines are a drought tolerant tree that makes a good option for planting an evergreen shade tree in areas with little access to water or irrigation.
Timber Bamboo Camphor
Timber Bamboo is an extremely adaptive and easy to grow tropical accent that stands out in any landscape application
Cinnamomum camphora
The Camphor is a dense shade tree that provides a welcome display year-round green, clean and fragrant foliage. Camphors bring the benefits of a large oak but with a more individualized look.
Carrotwood EP Holly
Cupaniopsis anacardioides
Carrotwoods are named for the large trunk and thick evergreen foliage that covers the top of the branches creating a wonderful and unique fast-growing shady evergreen.
Llex x attenuate
The EP (East Palatka) Holly is capable of tolerating a wide variety of soils and climates, making it's transition into Houston a simple one. It's largely known for the pyramid shaped evergreen foliage it produces .
Holly Nellie Stevens Tru-Green Elm
Llex x attenuata
The highly adaptable Holly Nellie Stevens is a Houston favorite because it's easily shaped and cared for, making this the perfect ornamental evergreen for any landscape .
Ulmus parvifolia
Commonly grown over most of the Southern U.S. for over a century, Chinese Elm still remains one of the most popular choices for shade in any application.
California Pepper Japanese Privet
Schinus molle
This large evergreen tree provides the incredible weeping appearance of a traditional weeping willow, only it uses a quarter of the water and keeps its leaves all year long!
Ligustrum japonicum
Japanese Privet provide both year-round shade and big seasonal color requiring very little maintenance. They're a great choice for the inexperienced landscaper.
Magnolia Thevetia
Magnolia add big color and shade anywhere they're planted, bringing a unique and tropical look to your landscape. Blooms produce a beautiful white flower and wonderful fragrance.
Thevetia peruviana
A big tree in a small package, the Thevetia tree can grow a large umbrella shaped canopy in a small area due to it's unique trunk structure, perfect for corners and walkways.
Mastic Carolina Cherry
A low-maintenance desert evergreen, the Mastic is ideal for anywhere that requires lots of shade where accessibility and irrigation may be an issue for other species.
These dark, deep green and brown evergreens love the desert climate, making for excellent year-round hedges that produce thick shade.
Fruitless Olive Carob Tree
Fruitless Olive trees are a popular ornamental shade tree that can hold many different shapes or designs to meet any landscape theme's need
Ceratonia siliqua
Classicly umbrella shaped, durable and dark green, this unique tree makes a handsome addition to any yard. Grows well and tolerates even the hottest summer sun.