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The Bonita Ash tree origin is from the high range elevations areas in the southwest part of the United States. These vibrant trees perform best in high sun exposure environments and complement healthy green lawns with shade.  Bonita Ash trees shield homes during the summer from the dreadful heat and conviently shed their leaves in the fall to allow the sun to shine through creating warmer temperatures in the colder months.

Bonita Ash trees have a good reputation for growing more vertically than horizontally. These trees produce a trunk color that is an attractive medium gray, working perfect with any type of landscape arrangement. This tree grows to a large size, making it a great focal point in large open environments. The Bonita Ash tree is simple to grow and always results in a nearly perfect, park style shape with minimal pruning and maintenance.
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Huge Bonita Ash Trees Bonita Ash #3130 Bonita Ash #3439
This Bonita Ash reaches 8-12 feet tall This Bonita Ash reaches 22-28 feet tall Bonita Ash