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Desert Willow Museum Palo Verde
Desert Willows have been a classic for decades across the Southwest. Greatly resembling a Willow, they show incredible blooms throughout the late summer and into mid-fall. 
Cercidium-parkinsonia hybrid
Very fast growing hybrid version of the classic Palo Verde. Provides the unique green trunks of the original only it grows faster, cleaner, thornless, and blooms longer.
Sissoo Tree Tipu Tree
Dalbergia sissoo
Closely resembling an Aspen, the Sissoo is perfectly at home in Houston and thrives in ultra hot conditions. These trees grow very rapidly after planting.
Tipuana tipu
Tipu is rapidly becoming one of the most popular varieties that we sell! It grows really fast, makes an incredible umbrella for shade and handles the intense heat of Summer.
Vitex Texas Mesquite
Vitex trees provide a bit of shade and have a fantastic bloom period. Flowers appear as spikes of purple across the entire tree, and are known to attract butterflies.
Texas Mesquites are a popular fast-growing desert tree that a great addition to any landscape - and even barbecues!
Chitalpa Arizona Ash
Chiltalpa tashkinensis
This is a great choice for those desiring a tree with a softer, greener appearance. Beautiful pink blooms are present from summer through fall.
Fraxinus velutina
This is large & very fast growing ash. It performs well at low elevations, when given proper water. It provides maximum shade in the Summer and allows sun during the heart of Winter.