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Pygmy Date Palm Mediterranean Fan Palm
Phoenix roebelenii
This is the best selling dwarf palm at our nurseries. Plant just about anywhere a tropical splash of flavor is wanted!
Chamaerops humilis
This dwarf palm is idea for planting around small areas as a tropical accent or even a centerpiece in smaller landscapes.
Sago Palm Windmill Palm
Cycas revoluta
Sago palms add a fantastic and organized look just about anywhere they're planted. Plant multiple specimens for a tropical look.
Trachycarpus fortunei
This small to medium size palm is one of the cold hardiest palms available in this market. 
Provides an excellent tropical appeal wherever planted.
Rhapis Palm
Rhapis excelsa
This very unique palm has many trunks which give it a bamboo style effect. Interesting, dark green, star shaped fronds create an especially tropical effect.