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The Holly Nellie Steven tree is a fast grower that reaches a medium to large height and spreads out to a pyramidal shape. The Nellie Stevens trees leaves are thick and lustrous, perfect to cool down any area during the summer months. The Holly Nellie Stevens tree grorw thick foliage from the bottom up making it a commonly used living wall privacy screen to prevent unwanted views into the home. The Holly Nellie Steven tree is a extremely hardy tree that keeps its evergreen foliage during the hot summer months and during the chilly cold months. This tree can be pruned to form a tall hedge or a small specimen tree.This tree does very well in urban areas where air pollution can be a problem for many trees and shrubs.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have online products available for this species, but we have specimens available in most any size you may need. Please contact us with what your looking for (use our Live Chat, call 832-692-3442, or this form), and we'll get you images of our available selection.