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The Lacebark Elm is native to China and is cultivated throughout the United States in areas with similar hot, dry summers and mild rainy winters. The best quality of the Lacebark Elm is its ability to withstand the harshest growing conditions by growing well in a wide range of soil types. This tree is very flexible and can thrive in restricted root growth areas and is excellent at breaking down strong winds from entering the home.

The Lacebark Elm has exfoliating bark which is outstandingly attractive. The bark on a Lacebark Elm peels off in a puzzle like pattern and exposes rich shades of gray, green, brown and orange. During the fall months, Lacebark Elm tree leaves bloom an attractive fall golden color that adds a terrific addition to any landscape holiday decorations. The leaves will eventually fall off allowing light to pass through during the winter, with foliage returning quickly in the spring.
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Lacebark Elm Tree Lacebark Elm Tree Lacebark Elm Tree