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Piru Queen Palm Bismarck Palm
Bonsall seedling
It's soft, tropical appeal can make just about anywhere feel like a vacation. Our Piru Queen Palms grow with thicker, stronger trunks and greener fronds then other Queen Palm varieties
Bismarckia nobilis
Large and in-charge, Bismarck Palms sport a display of very wide reaching palms with a dusty blue-green color that can turn bronze in certain condition - an amazing and unique palm to plant!
Canary Island Date Palm Foxtail Palm
Phoenix canariensis
This robust palm is commonly called a Canary Island Date Palm, but whatever you call them...they're fantastic looking formal trees that provide massive amounts of beauty and shade
Foxtail Palms produce a long reaching, puffy and wide frond similar in look to its namesake. Foxtail Palms are for an amazing tropical look you won't get anywhere else!
Mexican Fan Palm Pindo Palm
Washingtonia robusta
This is one of the best selling and easiest to grow palms that we carry. We have the largest quantity of Mexican Fan Palms available in Texas!
Butia capitata
This interesting palm is rapidly becoming popular with folks searching for something a little different. It's very easy to plant and grow, handling the extreme summer heat very well.
Sabal Palm Timber Bamboo
Sabal Palmetto
This unique palmetto is right at home in the Western U.S. It's silvery blue fronds allow it to handle the hottest of Summers.
Timber Bamboo is an extremely adaptive and easy to grow tropical accent that stands out in any landscape application
Windmill Palm
Trachycarpus fortunei
This small to medium size palm is one of the cold hardiest palms available in this market. 
Provides an excellent tropical appeal wherever planted.