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Eagleston Holly Holly Nellie Stevens
Llex x attenuata
The Eagleston Holly promotes the pyramid shape typical to Holly varieties, but produces a denser, thicker leaf coverage with smaller and more slender branches holding the foliage.
Llex x attenuata
The highly adaptable Holly Nellie Stevens is a Houston favorite because it's easily shaped and cared for, making this the perfect ornamental evergreen for any landscape .
Ligustrum Shumard Red Oak
Ligustrum 'texanum'
Our Wax Leaf Ligustrum is the ultimate in medium to large hedge material or anywhere a small, easily shaped evergreen tree is needed.
Quercus shumardii
The Shumard Oak is a fast growing tree producing an exquisite and reliable seasonal color that requires little water to survive.
Spartan Juniper Wax Leaf Privet
Juniper communis
Spartan Junipers are our choice Juniper variety for Houston, as they're a resilient tree capable of producing rich, vibrant greens resulting in dense and attractive foliage.
Ligustrum lucidum
The Wax Leaf Privet is a woody tree that can be easily contained to a shrub size if desired, making it an excellent and adaptable ornamental evergreen.
Wax Myrtle Thevetia
Myrica cerifera
The Wax Myrtle is often used as an evergreen shrub or small tree for screening and shading, boasting thick, elliptically shaped leaves two to four inches long.
Thevetia peruviana
A big tree in a small package, the Thevetia tree can grow a large umbrella shaped canopy in a small area due to it's unique trunk structure, perfect for corners and walkways.
A low-maintenance desert evergreen, the Mastic is ideal for anywhere that requires lots of shade where accessibility and irrigation may be an issue for other species.