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If you're looking to build a privacy hedge, sound barrier, or living wall, these trees and plants are the best varieties we carry. Each feature thick, evergreen leaves that create a dense year-round protection for property lines, yards, pool areas, or any other special sections in your landscape. If you don't see anything in particular that you're looking for, please ask us via live chat if it's available - we're able to get you just about anything you'd ever want to plant in Texas!
Timber Bamboo Bay Laurel
Timber Bamboo is an extremely adaptive and easy to grow tropical accent that stands out in any landscape application
Bay Laurel
Bay Laurels are a classic evergreen shade tree that's ideal for hedges with numerous associations in historical, medicinal, and culinary applications.
Italian Cypress Japanese Blueberry
Cupressus sempervirens
Italian Cypress make a fantastic hedge anywhere they're planted, as they add a very formal and clean tuscan appearance while keeping their trademark shape with very little maintenance required.
Elaeocarpus decipiens
The highly versatile Japanese Blueberry tree grows a fast and lush green foliage peppered with more red and mature leaves that's easily pruned into any desired shape or size, very useful for colorful and unique hedges.
Ligustrum Purple Hopseed
Ligustrum 'texanum'
Our Wax Leaf Ligustrum is the ultimate in medium to large hedge material or anywhere a small, easily shaped evergreen tree is needed.
Dodonaea viscosa 'Purpurea'
Purple Hopseed is a New Zealand native that makes for an outstanding ornamental hedge, as they can be kept to a desired size and shape easily while producing colorful and shiny "varnished" leaves.
Tru-Green Laurel Columns Japanese Privet
If you're looking to protect your property lines, protect your landscape from sound, unsightly views, or flying object, or just looking for something to add intense amounts of green and shade...look no further!
Ligustrum japonicum
Japanese Privet provide both year-round shade and big seasonal color requiring very little maintenance. They're a great choice for the inexperienced landscaper.
Mastic Carolina Cherry
A low-maintenance desert evergreen, the Mastic is ideal for anywhere that requires lots of shade where accessibility and irrigation may be an issue for other species.
These dark, deep green and brown evergreens love the desert climate, making for excellent year-round hedges that produce thick shade.
Bottlebrush Oleander
Callistemon spp.
Bottlebrush trees make for a fantastic year-round colorful hedge, and is named for the brush-shaped flowers that are peppered throughout the foliage. The canopies grow thick and green allowing for maximum shade and privacy.
Nerium oleander
A rare combination of being an evergreen and producing vibrant color, makes the Oleander tree useful in many landscapes. It's fantastic for shading in smaller courtyards and patios.