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Rhapis Palms are fantastic tropical accents because of their tall and slender bamboo like appearance. In smaller yards they can be grown as stand-alone miniature palms that make a great focal point. In larger applications they’re typically used as accents for larger more established palm specimens. Their full and thick appearance also makes them useful as a tropical alternative to medium sized bushes or even as screen hedges.

Rhapis Palms are a great choice for patios or courtyards and are easily grown in both indoor and outdoor locations. Rhapis palms are incredible near water features, so if you have a small pond or koi pond, these are essential. Rhapis palms require minimal pruning and are easy to grow. They are exceptionally cold hardy, but require protection against reflected heat, so they should avoid full and consistent exposure to sun.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have online products available for this species, but we have specimens available in most any size you may need. Please contact us with what your looking for (use our Live Chat, call 832-692-3442, or this form), and we'll get you images of our available selection.