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If you need a large, fast-growing, and beautiful year-round shade tree, look no further than the Shamel Ash! The Shamel Ash sports a well-populated canopy of large green leaves producing fantastic foliage into a naturally rounded shaped tree. Often seen planted in community parks, large residential landscapes and commercial areas, Shamel Ashes are a serious shade tree that’s suitable for any wide-open space. Shamel Ashes grow very quickly and maintain their trademark rounded shape with minimal pruning.

Aside from the large amounts of shade and green Shamel Ashes produce, they are highly prized for their heat tolerance and resistance to Houston’s environment. In the rare cases where Shamel Ashes take damage, they repair very quickly, making them a robust, sturdy choice for any large landscape project. Shamel Ashes don’t lose their leaves, so there is little clean-up required, and you’ll be able to keep its beautiful green canopy all year long.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have online products available for this species, but we have specimens available in most any size you may need. Please contact us with what your looking for (use our Live Chat, call 832-692-3442, or this form), and we'll get you images of our available selection.