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Crape Myrtle Museum Palo Verde
Lagerstroemia indica
This extremely colorful small tree makes a perfect choice for color lovers! Very long bloom period starts mid summer and lasts thru mid fall. One of the very few trees that provides summer color.
Cercidium-parkinsonia hybrid
Very fast growing hybrid version of the classic Palo Verde. Provides the unique green trunks of the original only it grows faster, cleaner, thornless, and blooms longer.
Sissoo Tree Bonita Ash
Dalbergia sissoo
Closely resembling an Aspen, the Sissoo is perfectly at home in Houston and thrives in ultra hot conditions. These trees grow very rapidly after planting.
Fraxinus velutina
The Bonita Ash is a stately park-style shade tree that can deliver a commanding presence in even the largest and most open areas of a landscape.
Burr Oak Camphor
Quercus macrocarpa
The Burr Oak is a rapidly growing shade tree that's extremely adaptable to urban conditions, making it a great choice for open spaces in Houston where big shade is needed.
Cinnamomum camphora
The Camphor is a dense shade tree that provides a welcome display year-round green, clean and fragrant foliage. Camphors bring the benefits of a large oak but with a more individualized look.
Cathedral Oak Cottonwood
Quercus virginiana
The Cathedral Oak is a cultivar of the Southern Live Oak, specially bred for a wider and thicker foliage and a distinct pyramid shaped canopy, and is ideal for areas requiring specific and predictable growth and shape.
Populus fremontii
The Cottonwood is a super fast-growing tree that's well suited for shading large areas or providing a wind break for larger properties.
Eagleston Holly Holly Nellie Stevens
Llex x attenuata
The Eagleston Holly promotes the pyramid shape typical to Holly varieties, but produces a denser, thicker leaf coverage with smaller and more slender branches holding the foliage.
Llex x attenuata
The highly adaptable Holly Nellie Stevens is a Houston favorite because it's easily shaped and cared for, making this the perfect ornamental evergreen for any landscape .
Italian Cypress Japanese Blueberry
Cupressus sempervirens
Italian Cypress make a fantastic hedge anywhere they're planted, as they add a very formal and clean tuscan appearance while keeping their trademark shape with very little maintenance required.
Elaeocarpus decipiens
The highly versatile Japanese Blueberry tree grows a fast and lush green foliage peppered with more red and mature leaves that's easily pruned into any desired shape or size, very useful for colorful and unique hedges.
Lacebark Elm Leyland Cypress
Ulmus parvifolia
The Lacebark Elm, while known more prominently for its exfoliating and wonderfully colored bark, makes for an outstanding flowering shade tree with a very colorful personality.
Cupressus leylandii
The Leyland Cypress is ideal for large hedges or screens covering a wide area, or anywhere a stout, commanding presence is needed holding the classic pine look.
Ligustrum Red Maple
Ligustrum 'texanum'
Our Wax Leaf Ligustrum is the ultimate in medium to large hedge material or anywhere a small, easily shaped evergreen tree is needed.
Acer rubrum
The Autumn Blaze Red Maple is a fast growing tree that provides amazing and reliable seasonal color, making it an attractive addition to any landscape.
Shumard Red Oak Spartan Juniper
Quercus shumardii
The Shumard Oak is a fast growing tree producing an exquisite and reliable seasonal color that requires little water to survive.
Juniper communis
Spartan Junipers are our choice Juniper variety for Houston, as they're a resilient tree capable of producing rich, vibrant greens resulting in dense and attractive foliage.
Sycamore Wax Leaf Privet
Platanus x acerifolia
Sycamore trees produce a large area of shade, covering a large area with dark green summer foliage that turns to a classic yellow-brown in the fall.
Ligustrum lucidum
The Wax Leaf Privet is a woody tree that can be easily contained to a shrub size if desired, making it an excellent and adaptable ornamental evergreen.
Wax Myrtle Tru-Green Elm
Myrica cerifera
The Wax Myrtle is often used as an evergreen shrub or small tree for screening and shading, boasting thick, elliptically shaped leaves two to four inches long.
Ulmus parvifolia
Commonly grown over most of the Southern U.S. for over a century, Chinese Elm still remains one of the most popular choices for shade in any application.
Vitex Live Oak
Vitex trees provide a bit of shade and have a fantastic bloom period. Flowers appear as spikes of purple across the entire tree, and are known to attract butterflies.
Quercus virginiana
The Live Oak is a remarkable evergreen specimen native to the Southern U.S. and extremely hardy in desert climates. This is a stately tree that makes an impact wherever planted.
Magnolia Thevetia
Magnolia add big color and shade anywhere they're planted, bringing a unique and tropical look to your landscape. Blooms produce a beautiful white flower and wonderful fragrance.
Thevetia peruviana
A big tree in a small package, the Thevetia tree can grow a large umbrella shaped canopy in a small area due to it's unique trunk structure, perfect for corners and walkways.
Chitalpa Desert Willow
Chiltalpa tashkinensis
This is a great choice for those desiring a tree with a softer, greener appearance. Beautiful pink blooms are present from summer through fall.
Desert Willows have been a classic for decades across the Southwest. Greatly resembling a Willow, they show incredible blooms throughout the late summer and into mid-fall. 
Mastic Arizona Ash
A low-maintenance desert evergreen, the Mastic is ideal for anywhere that requires lots of shade where accessibility and irrigation may be an issue for other species.
Fraxinus velutina
This is large & very fast growing ash. It performs well at low elevations, when given proper water. It provides maximum shade in the Summer and allows sun during the heart of Winter.
Carolina Cherry Fan Tex Ash
These dark, deep green and brown evergreens love the desert climate, making for excellent year-round hedges that produce thick shade.
This medium - large ash variety performs well in the Southern U.S. Slightly rounded in shape and a little smaller than Shamel ash, this shade tree is perfect for almost any residential or commercial application.