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Thevetia Trees are featured frequently in Houston landscapes, especially in commercial areas. Thevetia are a small to medium sized tree capable of filling the role of a full-sized tree while taking up much less space . Thevetia Trees grow quickly and establish a large umbrella-shaped canopy that can provide shade in corners or walkways while contrasting well against walls, brick, or other standard building features. Aside from their more practical applications, Thevetia produce a healthy amount of coral-shaped yellow or orange flowers that can add good color to your landscape. While it does produce flowers, Thevetia holds their blooms for long periods of time, resulting in longer lasting color with minimal clean-up and maintenance. Thevetia Trees provide very important benefits to many areas where other trees won't fit, and ask for very little water and clean-up in return.
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Huge Thevetia Trees (purple-flowering) Multi-trunk Thevetia #T3408 Blockbuster Thevetia Trees
Previously $1,999.99
Blockbuster Thevetia Trees Thevetia Tree Blockbuster Thevetia Trees