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The Wax Leaf Privet is a woody shrub or small tree within the olive family. Landscapers have many uses for this dynamic tree, it can be used as hedges, tall screens, groups with under-plantings, topiaries and inside containers. The Wax Leaf Privet blooms long panicles of strongly scented white flowers fall through spring.  

The Wax Privet tree can fit into any type of area with its resilient flexibility of being able to grow in a tree and shrub form. The leaves are characteristically dark green, glossy oval, pointed tips, smooth edges. The Wax Leaf Privet needs to be pruned regularly if it needs to kept at a small size, this tree can grow to a large height if desired.
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Wax Leaf Privet Huge Ligustrum Wax Leaf Privet Blockbuster Wax Privet
Wax Privet Tree Huge Ligustrum Wax Leaf Privet reach 5-7 feet tall Wax Privet Tree