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The Wax Myrtle is native to the southeastern United States which stretches from North Carolina to Texas. The Wax Myrtle can be used as a large evergreen shrub for screening or a small ornamental tree when pruned up. The Wax Myrtle has simple alternate leaves with an elliptic shape that are two to four inches long. Wax Myrtle leaves have a glossy dark green appearance with serrated edges towards the tip of the leaf. The Wax Myrtle has a nice fragrance from the glands that exist on both sides of the leaves. This hardy tree has smooth grayish-green bark which is soft and fine grained. This shrub enjoys partial shade and provides olive green fall color. The Wax myrtle tree can stand and thrive impossible soil conditions providing rapid-growth and striking evergreen foliage throughout the entire year.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have online products available for this species, but we have specimens available in most any size you may need. Please contact us with what your looking for (use our Live Chat, call 832-692-3442, or this form), and we'll get you images of our available selection.

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Huge Wax Myrtle Trees Huge Rhapis Palm
Huge Wax Myrtle Trees Huge Rhapis Palm Trees